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net.loadbang-SQL is an interface package for embedding an SQL database entirely within MXJ. There is no need to run a separate database server. The database content is stored in files which are automatically maintained in Max/MSP's search path - there is no configuration needed, apart from a single "place-holder" file in the search path which is used as an anchor.

NEW: we have now refactored the code and added support for external >>MySQL databases: see the downloads and documentation.

When a database is first created, HSQLDB creates a small set of files on disk to store the database settings and data. The MXJ object makes sure these files get saved to the same directory as the place-holder file. (So, the entire database state is kept in files in the Max/MSP search path.) Assuming that these database files and the place-holder file are kept together, the database will persist indefinitely; every time a new MXJ object is created naming that place-holder file, the database will reappear.

The database system is >>HSQLDB, which is a lightweight database engine written entirely in Java. It can be run in embedded mode, which is why a separate database server is not needed. (So, applications built with Max/MSP can contain a relational database and still be standalone.)

By default, databases are held entirely in RAM, and are saved to disk as files of SQL queries. For more demanding work, HSQLDB can adopt different caching and storage schemes.

Because HSQLDB is written in Java, this package runs under both OS X and Windows.


You will need:


Make sure that MXJ is using Java 1.5. If this is not the default, put the statement 1.5

into the file in the Cycling '74/java folder.


To test out the NoddySQL MXJ object, download the patcher file and its associated place-holder: >>


Javadoc: browse >>/javadoc/net.loadbang-SQL/, or download >>/javadoc/

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