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NOTE: this project has moved to >>GitHub. The content here is an archive for reference only.

net.loadbang.jython is a package which supports the >>Python scripting/programming language within MXJ for Max/MSP.

We use the >>Jython interpreter, which allows Python and Java to interact, and gives Python access to the standard Java libraries (as well as any other Java code available to MXJ).



Download this ZIP file: >>/download/ This archive contains instructions, plus the required JAR files, examples, javadocs and sources. The javadocs are also available online >>here.

(The Jython and Groovy packages use a lot of the same machinery, documented >>here.)

Note: this release is based on the still-beta release of Jython, 2.5b3. We have the non-beta release based on Jython 2.2.1 >>here.


* 1.2, 2009-04-05:

Built against Jython 2.5b3. This required some hacking to the output machinery in order to get messages flushed to the Max window (since 2.5b3 buffers differently to 2.2.1). There's a 250msec sweep on stderr, so error messages may appear to be a little sluggish.

* (1.1) 2008-07-17:

Update of net.loadbang.lib to v1.4 - not significant for Jython, but needed in recent releases of shado.

* 1.1, 2008-03-15:

Embarrassing synchronisation bug causing thread deadlock when a Jython interpreter instance threw an uncaught exception: now fixed.

* 1.0, 2008-03-06:

Fixed thread reentrancy problem.

* 0.9b2, 2008-03-03:

Cleaned up Javadocs; implemented thread reentrancy test as a stop-gap.

* 0.9b1, 2008-02-29:

Initial beta release.

Release Numbering

All releases have two parts to their version: an actual version number, and a date. The version number changes if the core Java code is changed; the date changes if the Java code changes, or if there are any changes to example code or 3rd-party libraries.


This code is copyright © 2010 Nick Rothwell, It is released under the >>GNU Lesser General Public License.

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