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NOTE: this project has moved to >>GitHub. The content here is an archive for reference only.


shado is an open-source compositing and sprite library for the >>monome. It is written in Java, but designed to work seamlessly with a lightweight scripting language like Groovy or Python.

We have assembled a number of demonstration programs using Jython under Max/MSP, but the system should work in any Java environment, and the scripting layer is optional.

We have a video of a demo animation sequence built using shado:

Anybody who wants to learn and experiment with shado should look at the shado workbench and the associated tutorials which include "quick-start" installation and testing guides.

Here are copies of the README and the nascent README.MANUAL from the release, which should illustrate how shado works and how to use it.


The examples are written in Python and hosted in Max/MSP, so our Jython package is a prerequisite for running them. shado needs net.loadbang.lib-1.4 or later - Jython and Groovy used to come bundled with 1.3, so check the versions.

Download this ZIP file: >>/download/ This archive contains instructions, plus the required JAR files, examples, javadocs and sources. The javadocs are also available online >>here.

Latest Release

* 2.0, 2011-05-22:

Variable brightness support for the arc. New alpha channel mechanism for pixels/LEDs.

New renderers for the SerialOSC protocol (both binary for monome grids and variable-brightness for arc) - the class names for the renderers and outputters have changed, so this is a non-backwards-compatible change. (The rest of shado's variable brightness support is compatible and existing code will otherwise work unchanged.)

(We don't yet have support for Zeroconf/Bonjour discovery and dynamic port allocation - see the caveat in README for details.)

Release Numbering

All releases have two parts to their version: an actual version number, and a date. The version number changes if the core Java code is changed; the date changes if the Java code changes, or if there are any changes to example code or 3rd-party libraries.


This code is copyright © 2010 Nick Rothwell, It is released under the >>GNU General Public License.

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